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Doing Video Productions in Linux

I found myself needing to do some video production and editing and decided I'd take the hard way and do it all in Linux. It was a bit harder than I expected, but mostly because I'm doing weird stuff and had hardware issues.

First, I'll give you an idea of what software I'm using:

Flash 8

Yes, I know two of those are Windows apps, but Wine runs them very nicely. The rest are standard packages in Ubuntu.

I'm Officially A Spammer

Oops. Well I didn't actually spam anyone... nor did I leave an open relay. Really, there was no spam that went out.

What did happen though was that I needed to switch physical servers with several web apps very quickly. Since the service sends out notifications at times, I installed Postfix and left the default config.

Buh-Bye Microsoft URL Control

I happened to notice someone had a session open to with something called 'Microsoft URL Control' as the user-agent.

I did a little research, and it appears to be a set of leech utilities written by Microsoft that more often than not are used to write e-mail address scrapers, referrer spammers, or utilities designed to break captcha's.

It got me thinking... first I have no published e-mail addresses except my own on the site so I wasn't worried about that.

Netgear Hates You. And They Would Like You To Know.

I've got an enterprise level Netgear VPN router.

It sucks, but that's beside the point.

In order to even VIEW forum posts related to my product, I have to register my product. No, I didn't say register for the forums - I mean enter a 'qualifying serial number'. After jumping through hoops what I find are several hundred other people who a) think it's too hard to configure and b) wonder where Vista VPN support is that Netgear has been promising for almost a year.

Asus P-Series Presentation PC

Today I put together an Asus P-Series tiny little PC to use as a media / presentation PC in our conference room.


I have to say I was very pleased with one small exception.

Scriptaculous Works With n800, Javascript Window Not So Much

I've been doing some high volume, high availability web development for a new project I just released.

I've been pleasantly surprised that all of the Scriptaculous features I'm using on the site work on the n800 browser. The Javascript window library I'm using works mostly, but if you open a window that you then need to click the close button to get rid of it, it can be pain to get it to go away.

This Is More Exciting Than Christmas

About 2:00 AM my cellphone got paged. My servers had been installed into the colocation center and powered on, and the first thing Nagios did was page me to let me know.

Now I can't go back to sleep!

I've officially launched a new website. It provides free website hosting for gamers and clans in such a way that helps them to organize their members. It also provides free forums for clans as well. And it does it all in a cool Web 2.0 sort of way.

More IE6 Problems

While attempting to do some cool transparent effects with PNG's, I of course ran into the IE5/6 lack of PNG transparency support.

Not to worry, Google offers a nice script to fix that. So after spending hours implementing this solution on my site with a really cool theme, I learn that none of the links that are on top of the transparent background work in IE.

Asteroid? I don't think so...


You may have heard of the spy satellite the US shot down last night. They claimed it went down with a single pinpoint shot, making for good bragging rights on the accuracy of our missiles.


It's Official: Linux Desktops Outnumber Windows

Linux servers at my office have outnumbered Windows by a long shot for the past 3 years. I currently run just ONE Windows 2003 server, and seven Linux servers performing various tasks from NIS authentication to mail to VoIP.

I just ordered three more Linux desktops for the office.

That gives us 10 Linux desktops, 1 Linux laptop.

By contrast I have 8 Windows Desktops and 2 Windows Laptops.