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Will You Bypass Windows Vista For Windows 7?

IT World is running an article that says many businesses will likely bypass Windows Vista and wait for Windows 7 before they upgrade. Personally I'm taking a different approach.I agree, Windows Vista is a bust. I've got software I wrote for Windows XP that should work perfectly fine in Vista, but ran into obscure issues with the way it handles user data for restricted accounts.

Lighttpd VS Apache For Static Content

I wanted to know for sure that running Lighttpd over Apache for static content (images that don't change, javascript source, css files, etc.) would be worth the effort. I ran some very simple tests on both running on the same hardware. Here's the results.The file in question is a jpeg, 34198 bytes in size. I ran a 30 second benchmark against it.

Here's Apache:
Connection Times (ms)
min mean[+/-sd] median max
Connect: 0 0 0.6 0 100
Processing: 0 0 4.6 0 734

High Volume Web Serving

I've been teaching myself high-volume website design. There's some really cool stuff you can do. Reading the articles about Digg, Slashdot and Reddit and how they designed their server farm inspired me.

Here's what I've decided is cool enough to use, most of which is covered in the recent Slashdot writeup:pound reverse load-balancing proxy:

The PC is Dead. Long Live the PC!

This article on Yahoo got me thinking about the role of a PC in the typical home and what tasks it performs.

Playing With LDAP

Currently it's a pain in the rear to manage users and mail accounts on my network. Poor planning on my part, but really it has more to do with being unfamiliar with eGroupware when I implemented it. I actually had to write myself a set of instructions to follow each time I add a user to the network, which is quite embarassing actually.

I have a Windows 2003 server that authenticates Windows clients through Active Directory.
The majority of our file shares occur between a Windows PC and a Linux server, so I've implemented NFS and installed the NFS tools for Windows on each of the Windows clients.My Linux clients have been authenticating over NIS. eGroupWare pulls authentication for users from NIS as well, but it doesn't have the ability to add new accounts or change passwords. I'm using Cyrus for mail, so that requires another step where the user mailbox has to be created.

So, I got a wild hair today, since I had all these virtual machines lying around, and created a virtual LDAP server for testing. I was able to migrate my network user and group lists into it very easily, but I haven't found a way for it to import all the password information from my NIS server's shadow file.

Read The Docs, Save Some Time

Yeah, so I decided to install the 64 bit Ubuntu 7.10 server into a VirtualBox virtual machine.

Turns out, VB still doesn't support 64 bit guest OS's.

So, I downloaded the 32 bit Ubuntu 7.10 server. After three times of giving up when the install was installing the kernel because it froze, so I downloaded the 'Alternate Install CD'. That didn't work any better.

My First Dedicated Virtual Server

I love VirtualBox. Really.

I just set up a dual CPU AMD64 Opteron 270 (each processor is dual core, so I effectively have four 2 GHz CPU's) with 4 GB of RAM (and another 4 on the way) running Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit server edition.

The motherboard on this server has dual gigabit ethernet ports, and I bound them together into one network port that nearly gives me 2 Gb of bandwidth. I then bridged this network port and configured several TAP devices that I can designate to the guest machines.

Stupid Error Dialog

Here's a Microsoft error I'd never seen before:


Um, do I hit Move or Copy... oh wait, you can't!

Posting On The Road

Well here I sit in the hospital while they try to stop my wife's contractions. They have wireless here, so I was able to download photo editing software (mirage) for my nokia to resize a photo of my wife that I took with the Nokia and upload it to her blog.

I figured we've been married almost 17 years, so maybe she won't
divorce me over one photo.

It's cool that you can do all that on the road.

Microsoft Wants To Give Away Your Health Records

Microsoft has starting pushing 'HealthVault' - their version of online medical records. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Read on for an in-depth diagnosis:Microsoft infers that this is a solution to storing medical records digitally: