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IE Bites again...

After 2 days of wasting time trying to figure out why IE wouldn't display my layout correctly, I finally realized I was being bitten by the 'IE Double Margin' bug.

If you float elements on a page, IE will doublesize the left margin of the floated element for some unknown reason. No wonder my floated div's didn't fit side by side in IE, but Firefox did just fine...

I hate Microsoft. Really.

Nonsensical articles.

After reading 'Why Microsoft Should Acquire Linux' at, I decided there were several other stories that someone needs to write:

'Why SCO should acquire Creative Commons'

'Why Wal-Mart should acquire the Gutenburg Library'

And my personal favorite:

'Why cockroaches should take over the world'

All of which make about as much sense...

RIAA Boycott began today

Sorry for the logo on the image - my web server put it there automatically when I uploaded it.
The Image is from Gizmodo's page about the boycott, and I didn't think they'd mind me snatching it.

How to install Windows Vista in under 2 minutes

IE7 handles objects way differently

For the past several weeks I've been trying to figure out why IE7 was displaying my embedded flash movie squished. The size was all wrong.

Turns out, IE7 applies CSS sizes to the object, and since my object was called 'logo.swf', it was getting styled the same size as my 'logo' div.

Another night of Microsoft hell...

So I got a report that some code I'm testing isn't working right in IE7. I've done all my testing with IE6 and Firefox so far, so I broke down and installed IE7.

I'm progressing beyond anger at Microsoft into the rage category.

For instance:

The left nipple split

Don't you just love regular expressions? It's about as close to English readable as Swahili is.

I was trying to generate a php 'preg_split' line of code that would split a sentence based on both comma and space, but keep the separators. I finally figured out that you must have parentheses in the expression, leaving me with what looks like a set of breasts within the quotes:

preg_split('((,)|( ))', $mydata, -1,
What happened to the person's left nipple? I guess it split.

Acclaim's 9Dragons contains Nazi symbols

Just noticed this while playing the open beta tonight. When casting a particular 'buff' as a Shaolin, the animation is a Nazi Swastika. When viewed from the normal camera angle of behind your character, it's oriented the right direction. In this screenshot it's reversed.


Windows is inherintly insecure

Windows is tougher to secure than Linux due to design. Check out this article on that explains visually why by graphing system calls by a Linux web server versus a Windows web server.

Wal-mart starts DVD downloads - except for Firefox

Don't even try the site with Firefox: