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So Which Is it? It's all FUD.

So according to ZDNet bloggers, Nebooks have become the bane of Microsoft, with Linux driven netbooks taking a huge chunk out of Microsoft's bottom line opportunities and apparently the sole trigger for all the Microsoft layoffs of late.

And, in the same e-mail news report from ZD, Windows kicks Linux to the curb by taking over the netbook market.

Obviously both can't be true. Being a Linux fanboy, I like to think that the second article is simply Microsoft or Microsoft fanboy FUD. The truth, however is likely something between the two.

My daughter has an Asus Linux EEE Pc. I have to say I love it, but it was more technically challenging to get working properly than the typical Ubuntu desktop installation. I can understand how people would prefer Windows XP on a netbook if that's what you were familiar with. Assuming the wireless drivers worked out of the box.

Properly done, Linux is a very easy thing to use, and if you build the hardware yourself you should be able to provide working wireless drivers (for instance) preinstalled. That seems to be a primary problem with what's been available.

I look for Linux netbooks version 2.0 - someone really needs to actually use these things before they ship them. A bit more experience will solidify the product lines.

For me, not a problem - I'll still buy a Linux device over a Windows one anyday. For Linux newbies, you really should offer something with a bit more polish - you do the OS a disservice otherwise.