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EyeOS, the White Elephant of Open Source

The last few days I've been trying out EyeOS, a "Cloud Computing Operating System" that is open source, free to download and easy (for the most part) to install. It's really quite amazing, but is it useful?

The geek in me first reacted with astonishment and excitement. And truly, EyeOS is very astonishing in what it accomplishes, and very exciting on a technical level! The ability to very quickly display what feels like a virtual desktop over the Internet is pretty amazing.

Installation is a breeze - literally just uncompress and dump it in your web directory. No database is required; all user settings are stored in XML files and it has it's own virtual filesystem. The only catch is that trying to get it to recognize OpenOffice and Microsoft Office files is kind of tricky. You must install OpenOffice on the server, and even then I never could get it to open a Microsoft Office file, just OpenOffice and it's own native format.