Automount CD-ROM in Ubuntu Lucid

Automount CD-ROM in Ubuntu Lucid

CD-ROMEver since Ubuntu 10.04 came out last April my CD-ROM drive has not been mounting automatically. I tried every suggestion I could find online to no avail.

Finally tonight I've fixed the problem, and another one I was unaware of.

First, the one I was unaware of - one of the tests when things go wrong with drives is to always check your cables. One of my SATA cables to my second hard drive was separating at the end, so thankfully I found that and replaced the cable before there was data corruption.

To fix the real issue, I did the following:

  • Launch Synaptic Package Manager
  • Search for "hal". Find the package named "hal" (not all the other ones that include that name) and mark for complete removal.
  • Apply the changes.
  • Search for "hal" again. This time mark for install.
  • Search for "gnome-volume-manager". Mark for install and apply.
  • Reboot.

Alternatively for those who like to use a console, here's the commands:

sudo apt-get remove --purge hal
sudo apt-get install hal
sudo apt-get install gnome-volume-manager

Tada, finally it works. Apparently something in an older Ubuntu I had installed and then upgraded from was causing the latest configurations with Lucid to fail when automounting CD-ROM's. Simply purging and reinstalling those packages fixed the configuration files and let it work.

Posted by Tony on Jan 29, 2011 |