Install Canon MG5220 Printer / Scanner in Ubuntu 13.04

Install Canon MG5220 Printer / Scanner in Ubuntu 13.04

I finally got around to setting up my Canon MG5220 printer / scanner in Ubuntu. It was a little challenging just because of a couple of settings and obscurity around how to use it in Linux.

First, using this old article, I was able to find, download and install the drivers.

The kicker in Ubuntu 13.04 is that they've pretty much nerf'd the printer administration system. Thankfully this printer plays nicely, once you change a setting.

After turning on your printer and attaching it to the wifi, you need to go to the web interface on the printer at http://[printeripaddress]/

Next, click the "Other Settings" button in the bottom right of that page.

Then, click "Network Settings" and change the "LPR Service Notification" to "On".

To recap this page you should see something like:

Once that's done go and add a printer and Ubuntu should find it automatically. If you've followed the steps to install the driver in the blog post linked above, it will find the driver automatically.

Posted by Tony on Oct 12, 2013 | Desktop Linux