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CheckBook Tracker

Have you ever wished there were a more functional FREE (as in GPL) personal finance program available for Linux? I know I always said there were two things keeping me from dumping Windows entirely

#1 A good Pascal development environment

#2 A financial management package that does scheduled payments and balance forecasts

Since I solved #1, I can write #2 now!

Main Main Main

Check out the Freshmeat page!


  • Import / Export QIF files (I imported all my old Microsoft Money 2002 data)

  • Balances account

  • Import OFX file for automatic balancing (online banking!)

  • Import from CBB for X-Windows

  • Balance history graph

  • Sort by date or transaction number

  • Category spending piechart

  • Supports split transactions

  • Prints checks

  • Generate XML reports

  • Autocomplete

  • Scheduled bill pay

  • Balance forecasts

  • Balance forecast graph

  • Autofill entire transaction based on previous

  • Has sound

  • No required libraries (other than GTK+)

  • It's SMALL! About 2 MB!

  • It's fast! Informal tests shows 10 times faster than MS Money with same data!

  • Compresses data - a years worth of data takes up about 31k (same data in MS Money takes 3.6 MB)

  • It's usable - I'm using it myself now...


  • Does not work in AMD64 installs

  • Sometimes setting an auto-entered transaction will cause CBT to crash on opening.

Download CBT 1.0b for Linux (32 bit ONLY)

Download CBT Pascal / Lazarus sources for LINUX

The main screen

Balance forecast

Scheduled Bills

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