PHP Eclipse Has Moved My Cheese

PHP Eclipse Has Moved My Cheese

I use Eclipse with PHPeclipse for software development. While trying to set up my new laptop for devel, I noticed that I couldn't install the PHP plug-in for Eclipse the same way I had before.

Turns out they've changed the URL you would need to use - and it's not documented in their wiki or website that I could find.

Now, instead of using the /update/releases URL for installation, if you're running Ubuntu 8.04 (and likely a few older versions that run Eclipse 3.2.x) you can install by using the following URL:



Yeah, don't do that. Seems the latest "stable" for Eclipse 3.2 doesn't exactly WORK with 3.2. It relies on some features only available in Eclipse 3.3.

Why do I still use PHPEclipse? Those idiots do this kind of compatibility crap all the time. Unfortunately when it works I love it. I ended up burning a CD of my svn and php plugins on my desktop and using those on my laptop.

Posted by Tony on Aug 29, 2008 | Desktop Linux