Jawbone Up First Impressions

Jawbone Up First Impressions

Jawbone UPWell I've worn my Jawbone Up for 24 hours now and here's my first impressions.

  • It's comfortable. I was worried that getting a Medium would be too big for me because I have very small wrists, but apparently the Up sizes are designed for small and active people.
  • It's stylish. Some photos I saw made it look very thick, but it's just right.
  • The power nap feature is awesome!
  • The smart alarm feature is awesome!
  • The get off your butt reminder is awesome!
  • It's easy to use, sort of. The documentation is nonexistent. For instance, the paperwork that comes with it says almost nothing. The app help gives you some basics but doesn't even tell you how to disable the alarm in the morning or even if there's a snooze function (I don't think there is.) A few other questions I still have, like will the alarm work if it's not in "sleep" mode?
  • Despite sleep tracking, it's not a medical bracelet. I think too many people think this thing will break down exactly how much of each type of sleep they got. It simply logs light and deep sleep based on movement.

Several of the reviews I've read do nothing but talk about it's shortcomings like no bluetooth or the hardware problems from version 1 when it was first released. Other's complain that the pedometer portion isn't accurate.

First, you need to be aware this is not a workout tracker. This is a life analytics device. It's for the big picture. Despite features that try to convert that activity into calories burned it's not a calorie tracker. I think everyone would agree that if you are more active today than yesterday that's a good thing, and that's what the Up band is all about.

The pedometer / step tracker is good enough to help you track overall trends such as "did I walk farther today than yesterday?" I've seen a lot of people complain on their forums that you can't log swimming as an activity - while completely ignoring that it does have a "other" category for logging workouts.

Personally I don't plan to use the food tracking ability but for some people this would be great. To me the point is to wear it every day, check your logs and try to be more active today than yesterday. That's the real goal.

Add in the fact that it's an engineering miracle! It has a built-in computer that stores up to 9 months of analytics data, internal clock, motion sensors, alarm, haptic feedback (vibration,) a rechargeable battery that lasts 10 days and it's mostly waterproof (don't swim with it.) It's flexible, but not too flexible. It's small and lightweight. It's smart enough to talk directly with your cellphone (when you plug it in.)

But really, for the price just to have a vibrating wrist smart alarm clock it's worth every penny.

Posted by Tony on Jul 13, 2013 | Gadgets