MilesTrac for Android

MilesTrac for Android


I've fixed the crash issue when sending the report and a trip is still unfinished. Enjoy!

I've just posted my first Android application, MilesTrac, to the Android marketplace.

MilesTrac is a very simple Android app to track odometer readings and destinations for reimbursable or tax credit applicable trips. It's designed to be very simple. Simply enter a destination and odometer readings. At the end of each month you can generate a CSV file and email it to your boss, HR department or tax professional.

No, it doesn't use GPS. There's no point when the IRS requires Odometer reading logs. It does use your locale to determine if you should see "Miles" or "Kilometers". It also scales very well from small QVGA screens on up.

It's designed to be easy to use, and quick. Did I mention it's FREE?

Posted by Tony on Nov 27, 2010 |