My new app

My new app

After nearly two years of off-and-on development I finally finished it!

MilesTrac Online integrates everything suggested by people who used my old MilesTrac Free app but were beyond the scope of the original design.

MilesTrac Online is a quick and easy mileage log tracking tool for taxes or business reimbursement.

MilesTrac makes it easy to enter odometer readings and destination notes for a Mileage Log. Use our website at to manage your data and export spreadsheets.

  • Never lose your data - sync's to our cloud servers

  • Sync your trips across multiple devices with one MilesTrac account

  • Retains the last 90 days of trips on your device, others available on the website

  • Handles multiple vehicles

  • Detects which vehicle to start a trip for by using your bluetooth pairing

  • Category and minor expense tracking

Replacing your phone? Don't even worry about backing up your old vehicles, categories or trips. Just log in on the new device and everything gets synchronized automatically.

New accounts get a 30 day trial, after which a USD $12 annual subscription applies.

Posted by Tony on Apr 02, 2013 | Android Development