Datacenter Temperature Monitoring

Datacenter Temperature Monitoring

Recently I've been thinking that it was time I added temperature monitoring to my datacenter.

All of our equipment is on battery backup - with most using dual power supplies connected to two different battery backups in case one fails. I also have generator power that kicks in within 6 seconds of a power failure. My primary battery backups are constantly monitored and will both email and page me in the event of an outage.

Yesterday we had high winds that caused several extended power events - we never totally lost power but it was enough toggling back and forth that the generator automatically kicked in to protect things. During the flopping back and forth though, I got my page from my battery backup. I happened to notice that it has an internal temperature sensor and reported 19.3 C - or 66 degrees F, which is right about the temperature I keep the datacenter cooling system set to.

So, no need to add another sensor - I can easily set my Linux server to monitor that information using:

apcaccess status
and notify me if it reaches too high. I have to admit - after years of having servers in the normal office environment, and now running for the past 4 years in a proper datacenter I'm amazed at the difference it makes in server stability and hardware reliability.
Posted by Tony on Dec 10, 2009 |