Asterisk Voice Over IP Phone System

Asterisk Voice Over IP Phone System

One of the early things I did was install an Asterisk Vo/IP phone system for our business. Originally it was driven by the need to link one of the owner's homes in another state into our local phone network. We were able to do this and eliminate long distance calls for him by giving him (originally) a Grandstream phone and linking it to our Asterisk open-source phone server / PBX in the office.

The Grandstream phones we purchased turned out to be a huge disappointment. We've since replaced them all with Snom 190 and Snom 320 phones.

Recently I updated the Asterisk software on the server since what we had was over 2 years old. It fixed a few issues we'd had to deal with but the main change was support for the Flash Operator panel, which allows our receptionist to see the entire status of the system and redirect calls with the click of a mouse.

This week I installed a sound card and configured an extension for overhead paging. Our new facility is 56,000 square feet, and about 6,500 of that is office space so we quickly found we needed some method of paging people. I have to say, getting the OSS drivers to work was a pain in the butt until I realized the distro was Mandrake, so I was able to use the Mandrake tools to configure things.

On a side note, the Alsa driver did really weird stuff, like echoing the last 5 seconds of a page infinitely.

Posted by Tony on Nov 21, 2006 | Servers